Welcome to the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies (IPUS) at Seoul National University. As the name indicates, the Institute conducts research projects not only focusing on inter-Korean relations and reunification issues but also on peace studies in general and their relevance to the complex peaceless situation on the Korean Peninsula. Accordingly, the IPUS consists of two research units: the Center for Unification Studies (CUS) and the Peace and Humanities Research Group (PHRG). Taking advantage of the knowledge convergence between local issues and universal values, the CUS and the PHRG work together to create a new paradigm on peace studies. In other words, the two research units seek to generate synergy effects leading to multidisciplinary and convergent knowledge on peace and peacelessness. The subjects with which the IPUS deals range from the North Korean diasporas, the North Korean nuclear program, and separated families in the two Koreas, to broader topics such as economic development and ecological destruction, historical and territorial disputes, religion and peace, violence and transitional justice, peace movements, and humanitarian assistance and protection.
      Envisioning a twenty-first century discourse on peace, the long-term aim of the IPUS programs is to accomplish three dimensions of peace: peace through inter-Korean reconciliation, peace through the promotion of cultural and human rights, and peace through ecological civilization. Specifically for this purpose, in 2010, the PHRG launched the "Peace and Humanities Research Initiative," an overarching project in which many scholars with diverse backgrounds in social sciences and the humanities work both collectively and individually. Themes addressed by this project encompass not only traditional peace research topics on violence and peace but also newly emerging topics such as ecological destruction, historical and territorial disputes, and complex disasters that transcend national boundaries and the human-environment dichotomy.
       In addition, the IPUS endeavors to link research programs to public service programs addressing both conflict and peacebuilding issues. Although the IPUS has no degree program, it offers a non-credit course called the Unification Academy as well as an extra-curricular series called Peace Camp. The Unification Academy covers various topics on divided Korea, whereas the Peace Camp focuses on peace studies, from the humanities and social sciences perspectives. Both training courses are open to university students as well as the general public. In addition, the IPUS works to engage and expand international networks for enhancing cooperation in peace research and for continuous enhancement of the peace education program at SNU. Please feel free to explore our website to learn more about us and our work.



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