Mission of the IPUS
Recognizing Korean reunification and peace as the most important challenge facing Korea and East Asia, the IPUS aims to accumulate knowledge and build capacity to deal with issues that may arise during the process of reunification. We strive to achieve this goal by conducting multidisciplinary research in both the social sciences and humanities.
     The IPUS oversees and supervises all research on unification conducted in Seoul National University. We aim to contribute to creating an effective research environment for Unification Studies by building connections with relevant research centers both within Korea and abroad.
     Guided by a vision to achieve sustainable peace in the Korean Peninsula, the IPUS seeks to create the necessary discourse, policies, values and culture to establish multidisciplinary and convergent perspectives in peace studies.
Strategic Goals
· Conduct multidisciplinary research on North-South Korean unification issues
· Identify existing and potential challenges of the reunification processes in different social sectors
· Analyze the Korean situation from both East Asian and World historical contexts
· Establish Unification Studies as an academic field that encompasses the political, economic, and
psychosocial aspects of Korean unification
· Pursue convergent Peace Studies research that aims to build a better future in the 21st century