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- Date: April. 24, 2013 (April), 09:00-17:30

- Venue: Hoam Faculty House at Seoul National University

- Topic: Sustaintale Peacebuilding  in the New Era of Nuclear Insecurity

  <Session 1>

- Presentation 1: North Korea's Nuclear Program and Regional Security in Northeast Asia

- Presentation 2: Iran's Nuclear Program and Reginal Security in the Middle East

- Presentation 3: Nuclear Armament and Modes of Unternational Conflicts

  <Session 2>

Presentation 1: China's Responses to North Korea's Nuclear Program

- Presentation 2: Japan's Responses to North Korea's Nuclear Program

- Presentation 3: South Korea's Responses to North Korea's Nuclear Program


- Desigining on Alternative Architecture of Unternational Relations in East Asia

- Preace and Scientific Technique

- Preaceful Sensitivity and Literature



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