Conferences and Seminars
We hold a series of academic conferences to provide a space for national and international scholars to discuss prominent issues in peace and unification studies. These conferences cover topics including, but not limited to inter-Korean relations, regional and international security, North Korean politics, human rights, a sustainable peace system in the Korean Peninsula, and the conceptual development of peace.
Unification Policy Forum
The Unification Policy Forum at the IPUS is a platform for national/international scholars, experts, and governmental officials working on unification issues and North Korean studies to come together and discuss related issues.
Unification Academy
The Unification Academy is an educational service for undergraduate and graduate students to enhance their understanding of and interest in unification and North Korean issues. Through this program, we aim to foster future leaders of a unified Korea. The course consists of 8-week lectures by distinguished experts and a field trip.
HK - Peace Research Seminar
The Peace Research Seminar is designed for the exchange of ideas, research outcomes and information on peace and conflict issues among invited speakers, faculty members and students. It aims to expand the scope of the IPUS research agenda and systematically link the research program to education. Most of the invited speakers are prominent scholars in related fields of peace and conflict studies.
HK - Peace and Humanities Colloquium
The Peace and Humanities Colloquium provides opportunities for peace studies scholars, peace activists, and peace organizations of the world to present and share their experience with the objective of establishing a new paradigm for peace studies.