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The Institute for Unification Education (IUE), Ministry of Unification in the Republic of Korea (ROK), is pleased to invite prominent professors, scholars or experts from all over the world who deliver lectures or lead seminars on the issues of the Korean unification. The International Visiting Professor (VIP) program of which this year marks a 3rd anniversary, is intended not only to enrich our unification education with a diverse international views but also to cement its network among renowned scholars and experts that will provide the basis for an on-going academic liaison in the future. If you would be interested in the Visiting International Professorship of the IUE through which you can contribute to reinforcing the groundwork in working towards an era of the Korean unification, please read more below.


l  Eligibility: Applicants must be an expert in areas of diplomacy, security, and unification in relation to the issues of the Korean Peninsula and satisfy at least one of the following requirements.

-          The candidate must have a minimum of ten years of experience after receipt of the doctoral degree (or its equivalent) in the relevant field.

-           The candidate must have a minimum of fifteen years of experience in the relevant field.

-          The candidate must hold a position as an Assistant Professor or above of universities that provide undergraduate course requiring at least 4 years of study.

l  Length of Invitation:  Three to four weeks

l  Activities: Prospective visiting professors are expected to lead discussion and/or seminars with professors, experts or scholars of the relevant fields or deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students (audiences will be arranged considering the level, depth, and/or detail of the chosen subject).

l  Subject

Subjects include but are not limited to the Korean unification issues from the International Perspective, the international relations with the Korean unification, German unification and the lessons learned for the Korean Peninsula, the EU integration and its implications on the unification of the Korean Peninsula, etc.

l  Grants

-          Honorarium:  KRW 230,000/hr  and above (differentiated depending on the prospective visiting professors’ qualifications in accordance with the Internal Honorarium Payment Criteria)

-          Accommodation, meals, incidental domestic travel expenses for lectures or seminars

-          Airfare: round trip, business class

l  Application Documents

-          Application Form and Personal Statement (see the attached)

-          Curriculum Vitae

-          Summary of lecture or discussion for the VIP program, approximately 1000 words in length.

l  Application Procedures

Applications will be reviewed by an Advisory Committee composed of outside experts.

l  Application Deadline: December 31, 2014

l  Submission

Please submit the required application documents via email at 

l  Contact

If you have any further questions, feel free to call in or email by phone at +82-2-901-7404 or email at

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